Latest version of TBSP now available for Google Cloud Platform users

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Angad Kumar

Introducing the new release, The Blockchain Solution Platform or “TBSP” which simplifies the deployment and use of Blockchain-based solutions and enable global small, medium and multi-national enterprises, to implement automation through smart contracts, data logging and digital ownership rights in hours rather than months.
TBSP is the only Kubernetes based “One Click to Deploy” application for blockchain solutions which allows you to spin up a number of nodes in a matter of minutes on the Google Cloud Platform. It comes with a client side docker container which helps you configure your instances, run sample applications and smart contracts along with the ability to deploy your own in a matter of minutes. Built on the principles of agile software development the software stack can not only help you build applications but can also act as an educational tool for students and universities given its low-cost model and the many benefits and incentives offered by google cloud like free sign up credits. Here is link to how:

  • Apply for free credits to learn and build on Google Cloud
  • Access career readiness training to build essential skills
  • Explore online labs and courses for hands-on learning
  • Browse curated programs and resources designed for students
  • Join student developer groups to foster peer-to-peer learning

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Going cloud native is the new way for software development and especially with new technologies like blockchain where cloud-based architectures and deployment models are the definitely the way to go forward for distributed systems.

Angad Kumar

Project Manager