TYMLEZ selected by Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam


TYMLEZ Platform to be used by the VU Amsterdam to build Smart Contracts

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 6 November 2019: TYMLEZ Group Limited (ASX:TYM) (TYMLEZ or the Company), a leader in enterprise software and technology solutions utilising commercial grade blockchain technology, is pleased to announce the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam has incorporated the TYMLEZ Blockchain Solution Platform as a teaching foundation for building smart contracts.

The Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam was founded in 1880, and ranked among the world's top universities. VU has approximately 25,000 registered students, most of whom are full-time students. The university has 2,263 faculty members and researchers, and 1,410 administrative, clerical and technical employees, based on FTE units.

Associate Professor Dr. Jaap Gordijn is the inventor of the e3value method and lectures at the Computer Science department of the VU.  TYMLEZ and VU have been working together on methods of modelling sustainable blockchain based business cases. Prof. Jaap chose to integrate the TYMLEZ Blockchain Solution Platform as part of the lecture material for students to model smart contracts.

Moreover, TYMLEZ and VU jointly research governance models for blockchain business cases, amongst others by means of a joint PhD. Candidate.

Reinier van der Drift, CEO of TYMLEZ, said: “We are proud and excited to collaborate with VU Amsterdam to further mature blockchain technology for the enterprise. The cooperation with the University not only enhances our solution but our organization too as we’ve already onboarded very talented employees via the VU.”

Jaap Gordijn, Associate Professor at the VU, said: "Whereas most blockchain platforms only focus on the chain and smart contracts themselves, TYMLEZ adds to solid deployment options for various enterprise use cases, and a plugin systems that can be used by third parties to extend the Tymlez platform easily. This can span off a whole new business, namely high value blockchain and smart contract plugins".


TYMLEZ is an ASX listed enterprise software and technology company with a highly scalable, enterprise-grade solution, utilising the key features of the blockchain combined with open source software and TYMLEZ’s proprietary intellectual property.  The TYMLEZ technology enables smart contract blockchain platforms customised for businesses and which can be deployed in minutes and or implemented via partners within an enterprise or across a consortium. The TYMLEZ technology meets key enterprise requirements of scale, robustness and security and can retrieve data from the customer’s legacy systems.  This scalable platform which enables accelerated development, management, and deployment of enterprise blockchain applications.

TYMLEZ technology is currently deployed with a number of customers across Europe, Asia and Africa. There are also a growing number of highly credentialled industry partners working with TYMLEZ to drive sales and support the rollout, including Hewlett Packard enterprise; SUSE, the world’s largest integrator of SAP solutions; Google Marketplace; Plantation, a Boston Consulting Group division.; and CGI.  Today, TYMLEZ is building a number of use cases for customers to leverage across asset tracking, secure document handling, KYC and HR onboarding, Market Settlement, and Loyalty Programmes.


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